«I was drawing something for Cesare Cassina. It came from an armrest with a vushion attached to it. While making it swing and looking at it, I thought about creating a foldable headboard cushion for a sofa and I exchanged a glance with Cesare Cassina. The Maralunga sofa was born, one of the best-selling pieces of Italian design. ” Vico Magistretti

On the 100th anniversary of Vico Magistretti’s birth, Cassina presents the iconic Maralunga sofa -Compasso d’Oro winner in 1979- in an exclusive material produced by Kvadrat, using the same pattern that covered the original sofa in 1973.

The video represents a virtual journey that spans the last 4 decades, years in which Maralunga became an iconic brand for design and marked the high road in sofa creation. The journey ends in a surreal three-dimensional setting, made of textures and velvets.

Armchair and sofa, upholstered in fabric or leather, are characterized by the innovative possibility of choosing the structure, high or low, of the single headrest, initially modular in its configuration thanks to the hidden insertion of a bicycle chain, with a system patented in 1985. Maralunga, still in production with slight dimensional changes, has enjoyed unparalleled international success.