FrameDealer is a video production and visual design agency based in Reggio Emilia, founded in 2006 by Cesare Della Salda and Stefano Camurri .

A frame is a small unit in a video, it’s a single image that, when placed next to other similar ones, generates movement.

Every day we find ourselves dealing with frames, the cell of the video, the heart of our work.

We create original video content, with filming and photography, animated graphics and 3D animations.

We specialize in large-scale video installations, video mapping , stage design and live direction of shows and events.

We also collaborate with small businesses in our area and large international companies, mainly in the field of fashion, design and music.

A video installation is a type of visual art that creates a synergy between the real and the virtual, in which the video contents interact with the elements of the real world.

FrameDealer deals with studying and designing indoor and outdoor video installations, be it through projections or video walls.

We create video content for any type of installation as well as building three-dimensional mappings of architectural structures and physical elements for the projections.

Lastly, we take care of the video direction with the possibility of live-managing all the contents.

Cinema has always been a source of inspiration and dialogue. Photography a shared passion since the times of camera rolls and dark rooms.

FrameDealer was born with these two souls, thus video productions immediately became the focus of our work.

Over time, just as with our expertise, we have enriched our equipment, which today makes us able to satisfy all the needs of small and medium-sized productions.

We integrated our optics selection with prime lenses, a complete lighting system and different solutions to manage high quality 4k footage with the desire to always improve the quality of our work.

What does not exist must be created. Coming from a graphic background, the transition to motion graphics was a natural consequence.

We develop 2D and 3D animations, taking care of all the aspects of the creation: storyboard , content creation, animation, modeling , texturing and rendering of virtual environments.

Recently, we are also developing skills in the field of holograms and dynamic interaction.