To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Champion USA and – at the same time – 60 years of Champions Europe we have created a video mapping on the 4 sides of the medieval courtyard of Palazzo di Pio in Carpi, where the European branch of the brand is based.

In the archives of what is the longest-running US college sportswear brand, we found original designs of the first sweatshirts, patents, newspaper clippings, photos and advertising campaigns from the 1940s and a lot of other material that lends itself to animations on a surface architectural.

From here we developed over 1 hour of content for the video mapping installation meant to retrace the history of the Champion brand. History that goes hand in hand with that of cinema.

The seventh art has often been the showcase for some of the most historical and iconic garments of the American company.
Just think about Marathon Man, FlashDance, or the latest Tarantino movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The history of cinema is disseminated with more or less explicit references to the American brand.

To create a 360° video installation on the walls of the inner courtyard of the Castello del Pio, we used a total of 8 projectors in pairs of two. During the event, we curated the video direction to intertwine the 10 most significant moments of the evening with each of the 10 decades of the centenary.

Champion Anniversario
Champion Anniversario