The GranTurismo Celebration in Milan: three Fuoriserie one-offs, one evening of unveils to remember.

During MDW23 Milan becomes the world capital of design. David Beckham, Matilda DeAngelis, Dardust, Fujiwara Hiroshi are some of the stars that showed up at Maserati showroom to join the reveal of Prisma and Luce, two exclusive One-Off cars presented by the House of the Trident.

In the exclusive location of Maserati’s showroom in Milan, we have created a 4 minutes show for Maserati Prisma and Luce reveal, projected on a video installation made of 10 totems surrounding the 2 cars.

Here’s the full animation video:

Some extracts from the whole installation video

We’ve worked on the entire video installation surrounding the car reveal, two exclusive One-Off pieces presented with a live performance of Dardust and Matilda DeAngelis.

Enjoy the aftermovie of the amazing Maserati Prisma e Luce reveal, the event created by Maserati and Ewtagency for #fuorisalone2023 in Milan.