The new collection of plates created by Laboratorio Paravicini comes to life thanks to an original multimedia experience: ATHLETAE GYMmetria.

During the Fuorisalone 2019 expo, in the 5 Vie block, FrameDealer presented a video mapping installation using 78 plates as a projection surface. The perfectly symmetrical geometric grid allowed us to treat each plate as a single pixel unit and at the same time as part of one single image.

ATHLETAE GYMmetria is a collection of 6 hand-decorated handmade plates from the historic artisan workshop run by mother and daughters.

We narrated the collection in a three-minute video entirely mapped onto the plates, in which we enhance the fusion of athletic dynamism and geometric precision. The athlete’s bodies and the decorations on the ceramics merge in a symphony where matter and sound move in a kaleidoscopic 3D animation created by the beams of light that hit the plates.

The soundtrack and sound design are entrusted to the loyal duo Studio Gong, who once again managed to create the perfect atmosphere inside the projection room. Eligo studio oversaw the design and set-up of the Laboratorio Paravicini showroom, located in an historic courtyard in the heart of Milan.