Panorama is a format created in partnership with Benny Benassi during the spring 2020 lockdowns, consisting in a series of virtual DJ-sets taking place in the most spectacular places of our nation.

The first 4 episodes, set respectively at the Arena of Verona, on the Vernazza tower, in Venice and on the Dolomiti of Val Gardena, were directed by Framedelaer. Since the Covid-19 epidemic started, tourism and live music are among the most affected business categories. Panorama’s goal is to tell stories about Italy and its beauties with music and images for those who can’t see them in person during these difficult times.

Natural landscapes or exceptional locations become the setting of an exciting and suggestive narration, a project created together with Free Event production company, Benny and his team, to tell of a unique moment in time on the notes of Benny’s sets. The tale of a nation’s desire to start over after the spring 2020 lockdowns.

“The music industry is somehow magical. When everything works, you really feel like you are living a fairytale, but in the case of a pandemic like the one we are experiencing, it has the worst fate, because you can very well reduce the capacity of a music club from two thousand people to a thousand or five hundred, but how can you expect those one thousand or five hundred to dance away from each other? As the music gets better and better, the more they will want to fill the floor. In Italy we have some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world and from this privileged starting point we have thought of a series of 30-minute productions made with drones and other more sophisticated shooting technologies, to make every shot pop out to the maximum; there is no live audience, but we still manage to employ about forty people. “

Benny Benassi

The first evocative performance in the Arena di Verona took place on the first day of summer during the solar eclipse. For the first time in history, a DJ had the opportunity to perform in the surreal empty setting of the Arena. Benny Benassi was accompanied by Dardust, one of the most listened to Italian pianists in the world, author and exceptional producer. At the same time took place the performance of the Albanian painter and sculptor Agron Hoti. A performance that goes beyond music and joins contemporary arts with one of the wonders of our country.

The second episode of Panorama was filmed at 2,400 meters, in the Baita Sofie, a beautiful remote hut on Mount Seceda in Val Gardena. For the third episode we took Benny’s DJ Set on a boat and sailed around the deserted canals of Venice. The fourth episode was shot on the Vernazza tower in the Cinque Terre.

The episodes of Panorama are distributed directly on Benny Benassi’s social channels and on those of some international festivals in which Benny usually participates, including¬† the Los Angeles based Insomniac and Freqways MDLbeast located in the Middle East.





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