The third episode of Benny Benassi’s Panorama project has as its stage an incredible Venice post lockdown, a quiet and half-empty Venice, without tourists.

Benny played at sunset and at one point on the Grand Canal there were no other boats outside ours, a surreal feeling, being immersed in all this seemingly abandoned beauty, returned to its inhabitants, more silent, peaceful, but also nostalgically empty.

“Venice could not miss this journey that we have created to tell the beauty of our country with a new narrative key – said DJ Benny Benassi – I am happy, honored and proud to be today in this incredible city for its history, its landscape, its culture, its people. ‘Panorama’ will tell the world about Italy that is starting again stronger than before with the work of its companies, its artists, all its professionals. An important project, which, in a period of stoppage in the world of music, it gives show business workers the opportunity to return as protagonists “.

The councilor for Social Cohesion and Economic Development of Venice, Simone Venturini, met the DJ and producer Benny Benassi, engaged in some filming at the Basilica della Salute for the “Panorama” project: the format provides for the creation of musical contents and exceptional visuals, filmed in some of the most representative places in Italy, including the lagoon capital, to promote and enhance tourism, especially international.

During the meeting, the commissioner, to thank the DJ for the initiative, gave him a reproduction of the Lion of San Marco, the symbol of Venice.