“The heart of made in Italy – An Italian journey ” is a project carried out under the careful and passionate direction of FrameDealer, the Reggio Emilia agency of Cesare Della Salda and Stefano Camurri. The video project presented during EXPO 2015 is meant to be a postcard capable of telling the historical and contemporary richness of our territory and our city, Reggio Emilia.

The video focuses on the value of the area and the vast lands that surround it, recalling its landmarks , excellence and history. The second part, dedicated to the manufacturing and agri-food industry, presents the rich industrial panorama of our territory which geographically and economically represents the heart of the Made in Italy.

More than 100 hours of filming were necessary to make “The heart of made in Italy – an italian journey ”; 15 days of shooting; 40 hours of aerial shots; 10 production sites; over 20 historical sites all over the area; the production of an original soundtrack created by Jukka Reverberi of Giardini di Mirò and Giuseppe Cordaro, aka Mutus Sonus .