The first episode of Panorama takes place in the evocative location of the Arena di Verona, which in the summer of 2020, post lockdown, presents itself in a unique new guise: completely empty.

In this conditions, we wanted to celebrate the summer solstice with a unique performance by three artists: Benny Benassi at the DJ controls, Dardust on the piano and Agron Hoti with a live painting performance on a 400 square meter canvas in the center of the Arena.

Benny Benassi, Dardust and Agron Hoti together in an unprecedented presentation that combines the music of Benny Benassi, world-renowned DJ and music producer, accompanied for the first time by Dardust: author, exceptional composer, producer and one of the most listened to Italian pianists in the world.

During the live set, the Albanian painter and sculptor Agron Hoti placed an enormous white canvas on the sand, then covered it in black to obtain, by contrast, a sphere in the center. Almost as if a painted moon was reflecting on the sand of the Arena. From this work of art, with a total size of 400 square meters, about 250 unique pieces will be obtained.

Panorama is a format created by FrameDealer, Benny Benassi and Free Event, to bring the music of the two times Grammy Awards winner Italian DJ in the most representative and fascinating places of our country. Natural landscapes or exceptional locations become the setting for an exciting and evocative narrative.

Panorama aims to show the world how Italy is restarting after the pandemic, about the commitment of its businesses, its artists and all its professional figures. An important project which gives the workers a solid opportunity to return to their jobs and passions, in a time where the music business has suffered a lot.