For over 23 years, Viabizzuno has made design its reason to exist; designing is a way of being, thinking and acting dedicated to every action and thought in life. Designing is the construction of oneself, designing is the essence of going strongly towards improvement. For Viabizzuno, designing should not be considered as a simple professional activity, but as a way of relating to life and to others. Designing is building something that stays, that lives on long beyond fashion. The project is a promise, a suggestion of quality, of prestige and value, it is a way to correct the disarray of the world.


The founder and creative director of Viabizzuno, Mario Nanni, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2020, presented “Abitiamoci Milanoduemilaventi”, the Viabizzuno virtual hall dedicated to the outside of the home: garden, water, art, vegetable gardens, avenues, parks, nightly walks, but above all a place dedicated to our well-being.

The presentation consists of a mini documentary divided into three filmed acts and edited by FrameDealer. Mario Nanni opened the doors of the Bentivoglio showroom, where the Viabizzuno headquarters are located, to show the new projects created by the Italian company. But the video becomes a pretext for addressing fundamental themes of Mario Nanni’s aesthetics and his personal approach to light designing.