The second chapter in the series of mini documentaries shot by Framedealer for Eligo, scouring the Italian territory to tell the tales of the artisan excellences hidden across our country.

This extract is dedicated to Atestine ceramics, which can be considered among the most famous and ancient manufactories in Europe, whose millennial tradition dates back to the birth of the walled city and over time has reached the top levels in the evolution of style and technique.

The processing of a poor material such as clay, in expertly preserved ancient molds, the experience of artisans and decorators who pass down a centuries-old knowledge, are all elements that blend in the tradition of the ceramics of Este.

Of the artifacts produced in Este, the great quality is known and appreciated throughout Italy and all over the world: in fact, the companies work in conjunction with the greatest brands in design and international fashion. In this noble form of craftsmanship, technical and manual expertise make each piece unique.