I Ramaioli Tridentini is the third chapter in a series of mini documentaries made by Framedealer in collaboration with Eligo for the 2012 Salone del Mobile di Milano.

The design studio of Domenico Rocca and Alberto Nespoli has created a collection of copper products with the help of an historic workshop located in Trento that has been managed for three generations by one of the last coppersmith families.

The passion, history and experience of the hands that have been working copper for generations is the soul of a product entirely made in Italy. Despite the technological evolution, copper pots and molds, used now for over 500 years, are still some of the best tools for cooking food to this day.

However, the knowledge behind the processing of this material is unfortunately a dying art and the ramaioli tridentini are among the last custodians of all its secrets. Here each piece is created by hand by the craftsmen, from the screws of the handles to the polishing, every detail is finished like a work of art, transforming the copper into a unique product, ready to be used by many starred chefs.