Making the documentary INTRECCI on behalf of Eligo led us to discover the people of the leading places in Italian basket weaving. This art of ancient origin contemplates research, through long walks in the woods, ditches, swamps and ponds in search of the most suitable materials for this exclusively manual processing.

And it was this research for the right materials that structured our work. From willow to chestnut, from wicker to cane, we followed 4 basket wavers in 4 different areas of Italy. Shot in Murialdo (SV), Anghiari (AR), Sasso Marconi (BO) and Villaputzu (CA), we were able to see how the approach to the profession changes according to the different resources present in each area.

Under the artistic direction of Eligo, the artisans created 4 sculptures made of baskets.

The artifacts were shown at “Nonostante Marras”, the magical showroom of Antonio Marras in Milan during the Salone del Mobile expo.