With this project we redefined the seasonal presentation methods of the MaxMara collections, with the study and subsequent creation of a new multimedia environement capable of satisfying the different needs of each brand of the group.

Our video installation project aims to transform the experience of this event in order to make it more fluid, interesting and complete. It is a very important period in the MaxMara calendar, a moment of extreme creativity, where each brand is asked to show something new, but it is a moment that requires rigorous, clear and precise communication.

The project is divided into three closely coordinated phases: the creation of a multimedia presentation space for the management of fashion shows and the content presentation; the creation of ad hoc content to maximize the installation’s potential, such as the customization of dedicated backdrops and the reconstruction of digital settings; the direction of the event and the broadcasting of the video content in harmony with the different moments of the presentation.

To achieve all these goals, we created a panoramic digital backdrop composed of a high-resolution Led Wall structure of about 80 square meters, arranged on two different floors in order to facilitate the alternance bwtween continuity and discontinuity of the projected contents.

This solution allows us to easily manage different resolutions, being able to utilize the entire surface as a single background or, if needed, different portions of it.
The catwalk is the fulcrum of the action, the main stage which must be clearly visible from the four sides of the room, the backdrop is its full-width natural setting.

All video content was created ad hoc according to the shapes and structures of this video installation. We recreated a virtual stage identical to the one in the showroom, facilitating the creative approach in the development and management of content, trying to capture the three-dimensionality of the real space on our monitors during the creative process.

Once the contents have been defined, we developed a different direction for each brand of the MaxMara group in order to live manage any last-minute needs and offer the customer the freedom to set up their own presentation in a personalized way.