Richard Ginori takes you to the kitchen of Eligo Studio, where the recipe for the Cappelletto Reggiano is explored in a dreamlike and out of scale scenography, captured by the lenses of FrameDealer with an original soundtrack by Studio Gong in the background. “Un Cappelletto in Oriente” is a video project that features the Richard Ginori Oriente Italiano collection.

In a landscape composed of white Carrara marble, a black and white clay checkerboard as floor and micro-architectures inspired by Ancient Rome, the story of “Un Cappelletto in Oriente” begins. Eggs, flour, broth, stuffing and of course Parmesan cheese.

“We decided to work with the traditional Cappelletto Emiliano recipe because it is, without a doubt, the King of Italian stuffed pasta. There’s a lot of tradition, elegance, design and architecture in this pasta. ”

“We love to draw and imagine recipes on paper in the same exact way as we do with our interior designs. The love for healthy, genuine, organic, local and traditional Italian food is wonderfully transmitted in the “Un Cappelletto in Oriente” project. We created a storyboard with FrameDealer to achieve a perfect visual of all the preparation stages of the recipe. ”